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Moffat - High Street East Side

Acknowledgements :

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The composition of this site has been assisted by advice and information from many sources. From some people came permission to use their material, whilst others even sourced material for the site. Authors of books on Moffat gathered and preserved the information needed for the history and personalities sites. My thanks to them all. - Richard Edkins.

Organisations :

Moffat Business Group, for commissioning this site.

Groundbase Limited, for the £ 500 grant that got the site going.

Individuals :

Mr. John Murray of the Moffat Museum Trust and the Upper Annandale Dramatic Society, for advice and information on the town and its history.

The Librarian, Moffat Library, Dumfries & Galloway Council, for most of the books used.

Mr. Norman Miller for advice on the lives of Telford and McAdam and updates on the Telford Trail.

Books :

The majority of these came from the Moffat Library, the others from Dalbeattie Library. The Librarians in both cases were delighted to help.

Fairfoul's Guide To Moffat Second Edition 1879. Published by Thomas M. Fairfoul, Bookseller and Stationer, High Street, Moffat. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: CO 277762.
Old but delightful little book on Moffat and area. Historical information on botany and geology. Useful description of the town and businesses in Fairfoul's time.

Freedom's Sword : Scotland's Wars of Independence by Peter Traquair. First Edition 1998. Published by HarperCollins, London. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: TF 086199.
A frank and uncompromising study of the period. All the major characters treated without fear or favour.

From the Border Hills by Molly Clavering, First Edition 1953. Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: CO 242367.
Good on the Yarrow valley, the Covenanters and James Hogg.

John Loudon McAdam by Roy Devereux. First Edition 1936. Published by Oxford University Press, London. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: CO 314623.
Detailed explanation of the man, his background, the time and lack of government recognition.

Moffat 17th to 20th Century by Jane I. Boyd. Date and Publisher unknown. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: CO 060060.
A good short primer on the last four hundred years in Moffat.

Moffat Early Roads and Coaching Days by Thomas Henderson, Lockerbie. First Edition 1960. Published by "Annandale Observer" Press, Annan. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: CO 157743.
Detailed series of essays on the development of roads and commerce in Moffat area, with parts of an account of the deaths of two mailcoachmen in a blizzard in 1831.

Nannie - A Lifetime of Devotion by Mora Dickson. First Edition 1988. Published by Lochar Publishing, Moffat (now, Neil Wilson Publishing, Glasgow). Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: TF 004767.
Unusual study of a nanny, with a wealth of information about 1920s to 1950s Moffat.

Scotland - The Later Middle Ages by Ranald Nicholson. The Edinburgh History of Scotland Series, Volume 2. First Edition 1974, Second Paperback Reprint Edition 1989. Published by Mercat Press, James Thin Ltd., Edinburgh. Dumfries & Galloway Regional Library Service No.: RE 077161.
Good general history of Scotland from 1280 to 1513. Essential reading.

Photographs and Illustrations :

In some cases, the amenities and businesses provided their own illustrations, in others, I arranged for their pictures. However, some expert photographers took images which they have allowed to be used on this site.

Angus Leigh - for organising site illustrations.

Emilio (Jock Dicerbo) - for the Christmas picture of Moffat and a large number of historical cards and photographs.

Mr. Hunter and Mr. Neil Wilson, for permission to use a photograph of Mora Dickson.

Friends and Well-Wishers :

Mrs. Marilyn Elliott for continual advice, reassurance and information.

My wife, Jenny, for her patient support.

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