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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Roll of Honour of Staff at the M/S Factory Dalbeattie -
5 Surnames beginning with N :

Please Note : Names are primarily listed according to Surname at the time they worked in the Factory, so may be a Maiden surname in the case of many of the women. Cross-referencing will be done presently.

Surnames N :

Nelson, Nicky (Nicholas) : Foreman in Packing and Blending. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Nelson, William : Chargehand from ICI Ardeer who became a Foreman at Dalbeattie then left to join the Royal Navy. Met and married Edith Hume in February 1944 and their marriage lasted 49 years. William Nelson died 1996, Edith in 1993. Notified by son Ronnie Nelson.

Newall, Mrs. : Senior clerk at Factory offices. Notified by Elizabeth (Betty) Lunnie and No. 22 in her photograph.

Newlands, George : Chemist at Factory. Moved to Welwyn Garden City. Best Man of George Nicholson at marriage. Notified by Sandra Cook.

Nicholson, Gordon : The 1941-1943 Acid Plant Manager who made available plans of his section and detailed descriptions of processes in that section and the Nitration Hills that produced Nitroglycerine. A key source for information on processes at the factory and staff organisation. Gordon Nicholson died on 8th October 2006 from cancer and was cremated at Dumfries. The Acid Plant pages are dedicated to his memory. His widow Margaret died from a stroke 4th November 2006 after the funeral. Respects are sent to his family, in particular to his daughters Sandra Cook and Sheila Dennis and to his son-in-law Graham Cook. Sheila lives in Calgary in Canada and Sandra and Graham at Barclosh Farm, Dalbeattie.

Northcote, Willy (William) : 'Wet Mix' Foreman notified by Margaret Dunlop/Mouat.

Roll of Honour Additions :

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