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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Roll of Honour of Staff at the M/S Factory Dalbeattie -
37 Surnames beginning with Mac and Mc :

Please Note : Names are primarily listed according to Surname at the time they worked in the Factory, so may be a Maiden surname in the case of many of the women. Cross-referencing will be done presently.

Surnames Mac and Mc :

McAdam, Cissie (Agnes) : Lived in Dalbeattie but worked Dumfries shift. Notified by sister Charlotte McAdam.

McAdam, James : Either bogie runner or boiler stoker (?). Notified by daughter Charlotte McAdam.

McAdam, Tom (Thomas) : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McAllan, James : Factory Worker (?). Featured as 'Widow Twankey' in the 'Aladdin' pantomime. Source : 'Explosive News' newssheet in Dalbeattie Museum.

McArthur, Joe (George Thompson) : Foreman in Packing and Blending. Born in 1896, died 1989, married Barbara Croll. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson and corrected by grand-daughter Alison Smith.

McArthur, D. : Secretary in factory offices. Notified by Elizabeth Lunnie.

McArthur, Rita : Factory worker (?). Featured as one of the 'Ladies of Pekin' in the 'Aladdin' pantomime. Source : 'Explosive News' newssheet in Dalbeattie Museum.

McBurnie, Marion : Worked in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McBurnie / Burnie, Jean : Bogie runner ('shover'). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McCallum, Jean : Factory worker (?). Featured as one of the 'Ladies of Pekin' in the 'Aladdin' pantomime. Source : 'Explosive News' newssheet in Dalbeattie Museum.

McCormick, John : Foreman of Box Store in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by Janet Douglas, who he met after the war, telling her she was 'the best wee worker in the box store', where she stencilled boxes when there was no other work on hand. Sadly, John died a few years later from being run over by a bus when dead drunk.

McCrink, Betty (Elizabeth) : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McCubbin, Jessie (Jessica) : Cordite Blender in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Macdonald, Marnie (married Robson) : Secretary in the offices across from the Canteen. Known to Jean Burnie and Elizabeth Lunnie.

McDowall, Bella (later, Wykes): Packing and Blending worker known to Jean Burnie.

McEwan, Andy (Andrew) : Packing and Blending Foreman in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by his team member, Margaret Dunlop/Mouat.

McFarlane, Miss. : Clerk at Factory. Notified by Elizabeth Lunnie. No. 7 in Lunnie photograph.

MacGhie, Ina (Andrina) (married : Bolton) : Blending and Packing worker in the Blending and Packing houses at Unit 2 (Edingham). Did fire-fighting training. A key source for information on life at the factory.

McGuffie, Nettie : Factory worker at Unit 2 (Edingham). Suffered from yellowed skin - probably Press or Incorporation House worker, maybe on Burette/Wet Mix. Mother in law of notifier, Jack Wallace.

MacHenry, David : Horse handler who hauled trains of three or more bogies on the narrow gauge site railway. Known to Elizabeth Robertson (McIntyre).

McHenry, Peggy (Margaret) : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson. Not apparently the same as Mrs. McHenry.

McHenry, Mrs. : Canteen worker. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McIntyre, Elizabeth see Robertson, Elizabeth. Forewoman.

McKenzie, Bessie (Elizabeth) : Blender, from Dalkeith. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McLachlan, Mr. : Shift chemist. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Maclean, Mrs. : Supervisor/Forewoman of Jean Burnie in Edingham Packing and Blending. Used to keep staff informed about the course of the war at the start of the 2 a.m. shift.

McMaster, Jock (John). : Senior Foreman in Press Section (Edingham). Brother to Willy. First wife worked at Factory. After a divorce whilst at the Factory he married a Cowan from Palnackie. Notified by Margaret Mouat / Dunlop.

McMaster, Willy (William) : Foreman in a Press House (Edingham). Brother to Jock. Notified by Margaret Mouat / Dunlop and Jean Burnie.

MacMichael, Kate (Catherine) : Worked in Factory and travelled daily from Twynholm. Notified by Ronnie Nelson, son of William Nelson.

McMinn, Gladys : Packing and Blending worker. Killed by lorry in New Abbey just after getting off bus with her first wage packet. Unusual, as she kept house for four brothers and and elderly father. Notified by Samuel McKie.

McMonies, Margaret : Worked in RNAD Dalbeattie at Southwick. Cordite burnt at quarry. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McMurray, Maggie : Worked in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McNee, Charlotte Nimmo Gardener : Worked in the Factory 1940 (?) to 1845. Lodged/had a room in Dumfries, where her 11 year old brother visited her and recalls they saw many soldiers leaving and kissing their girlfriends. Charlotte died in 1947 a week before her marriage day. Her health was seriously affected by working at the factory - kidney and liver failure, colitis and finally peritonitis. Inferred that she worked in Press or Wet Mix, suffering from systemic poisoning. Notified by sister in law Mrs. McNee.

McPherson, Lillian : Worked at the Factory 'with Cordite'. Sister was Violet Rose Dennington. Notified by John Dennington, nephew.

McSherry, Jean : Worked in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

McSkimming, Catherine (Kate) : Blending and Packing worker. Details from Mary Brown, Castle Douglas.

McWilliam, Jimmy (James) : Inspector. Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Roll of Honour Additions :

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