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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Roll of Honour of Staff at the M/S Factory Dalbeattie -
11 Surnames beginning with L :

Please Note : Names are primarily listed according to Surname at the time they worked in the Factory, so may be a Maiden surname in the case of many of the women. Cross-referencing will be done presently.

Surnames L :

Lammie, Davie (David) : 'Wet Mix' Foreman notified by Margaret Dunlop/Mouat.

Latta, Bill : Factory worker (?). Featured as 'Abanazer' in the 'Aladdin' pantomime. Source : 'Explosive News' newssheet in Dalbeattie Museum.

Laurie, Jean : Blending and Packing worker known to Jean Burnie. Lived at Brownriggs Farm, Kirkgunzeon.

Lavan, Jenny : Named in the 'Farewell to Shift Two'.

Learmont/Lamont (?), Miss May : Worked at both Dalbeattie (Unit 1 and 2) and Powfoot. Named in the 'Farewell to Shift Two'. Known to Jean Burnie and Elizabeth Robertson.

Legge, Peggy (Margaret) : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Lindsay, Mary : Worked in the Factory. From 24, Arran Drive, Auchinleck, Ayrshire. Stayed in Dumfries nr. Burns Square. Also worked at Bowhouse Munitions Factory nr. Kilmarnock. Notified by James Lindsay.

Livingstone, Andy : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Lockhart, Margaret : Cordite Blender in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Lockerbie, D. : Woman clerk at Factory offices. Notified by Elizabeth Lunnie.

Lunnie, Betty (Elizabeth) (Married : McVinnie) : Junior wages clerk at Factory offices beyond . Notified by herself. Used to make up wages and visit Royal Bank of Scotland to collect the cash. Still has her old slide rule. Stated that the wages were for 3,000 people - estimate of 2,200 too low. Staff paid hourly rate with premium bonus for extra work (e.g. cordite trays) completed.

Roll of Honour Additions :

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