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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Roll of Honour of Staff at the M/S Factory Dalbeattie -
17 Surnames beginning with C :

Please Note : Names are primarily listed according to Surname at the time they worked in the Factory, so may be a Maiden surname in the case of many of the women. Cross-referencing will be done presently.

Surnames C :

Callender, Florence : Cordite Blender in Edingham (Unit 2). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Cameron, Nan (Anne) : Bogie runner who became Packing and Blending chargehand in Edingham (Unit 2). Relationship with foreman Bobby King. Notified by Margaret Dunlop/Mouat.

Cannon, Elsie : Blending and Packing worker. Friend of Elizabeth McIntyre. Check in No. 6518.

Canning, Mrs. G. : Secretary in administrative offices. Visited Ardeer with Jean Burnie. Lived in John Street, Dalbeattie, opposite the Park. Notified by Jean Burnie and Elizabeth Lunnie.

Carey, Wilson : Factory worker (?). Featured as 'Aladdin' in the 'Aladdin' pantomime. Source : 'Explosive News' newssheet in Dalbeattie Museum.

Cavan, Nathan : Inspector and friend of Elizabeth Robertson.

Caven, Mary : Worked in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Caven, Isobel : Worked in in Southwick (Unit 1). Notified by Elizabeth Robertson.

Charters, Jay (Janet) : Bogie Runner ('shover'). Notified by Mike Duguid. Worked with Barbara Bell.

Clachrie, Mary : Day shift Canteen worker. Lived in Kippford. Brother married Isa Edwards. Notified by niece Jean McFadyean.

Clark, Mrs. : Office staff. No. 25 in Office Staff 1944 photo. Notified by D.T. (Tom) Henderson.

Clemens / Clements, Charlie (Charles) : Foreman in Blending and Packing. Respected and liked by Jean Burnie and Elizabeth Robertson.

Coltart, Jenny (married : Boyden) : Worked in offices at Edingham. Eigrated with husband to Australia and died there in about 2003. Notified by relative C. Wilson, to whom she was was 'Aunt Jenny'.

Copeland, Frances : Worked in Edingham (Unit 2) in Blending. Notified by Janet Douglas.

Crawford, May : Unit 2 worker, section not known. Known to Jean Burnie.

Corson / Crossan, Jenny : Sister of Nancy. Worked in the Factory. From Kirkpatrick Durham. Notified by Willie Smith.

Corson / Crossan, Nancy : Sister of Jenny. Worked in the Factory. From Kirkpatrick Durham. Notified by Willie Smith.

Roll of Honour Additions :

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