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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Johnny Doughboy :

A graffiti on the Unit 1 Paste Rolling House and elsewhere. From 1942 the Americans entered the war. This traditional poem (possibly dating from the First World War 1914-1918) is on the same lines as the famous "Overpaid, Oversexed - and Over Here !". The American response was that the Brits were "Underpaid, Undersexed - and Under Eisenhower !". From which one can gather that the General and eventual President was not wholly liked by his men.

Johnny doughboy found a rose in Ireland
One of Erin's sweetest flowers that ever grew.
For the blarney in her talk
Took him back to old New York
Where his mother spoke the sweetest blarney too.

Johnny doughboy found a rose in Ireland
And promised forever he'd be true
And I know it is my duty
To make an American Beauty
Of this sweet Irish Rose like you.

More Information Needed on this Poem :

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