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Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie -
 View of Nitration Hills, Unit 2 (Edingham)

Ministry of Supply Factory, Dalbeattie
World War II Cordite Works

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Farewell to Shift Two

This poem survives as a written document held by Matthew Taylor of Edingham Farm. The author is unknown but appears to have been one of the foremen at Unit 2 (Edingham) of the Factory. The date (judging from the second verse) seems to have been when VE Day had happened but not VJ Day.

This is farewell to No.2 Shift.
Henceforth our ways lie apart.
This was for us, the one true shift,
The one that we joined at the start.

Now tho' the job is not ended.
Farewell to each other, we say,
The job we have done, it was splendid,
Credit we'll get for it some day.

Farewell to the girls from the Presses,
The Packing, the Stores and Wet Mix,
The shovers of all Snoker Bogies
And a' the auld maids in P.6.

There's a few we will always remember,
Such as Coco, Alma, Nell,
Jenny Lavan - wee Peggy,
Jess and Bess o' the Snokers as well.

With the jokers who were on the Snokers,
We foremen had many a do.
They can think what they may,
But their strong point I'll say,
Was three runs to S.32.

Some went to the Canteen early,
Dodging auld Charlie the foreman,
To find with a scare, when they got there,
Auld Charlie had got there before them.

And a special farewell to Miss Learmont,
We'll miss her, but we have nae doot,
With her charm, her tact and her patience,
She'll sure make a hit at Powfoot.

An' farewell again to wee Tommy,
Who when all is said and done,
With us he'd had many a rammy,
We also had lots of fun.

Goodbye to the Canteen workers,
Nancy, Isa, Kate,
The Rissole Packing Mamas,
We've survived their meals to date.

No more will we hear Sally Hannah,
As the foreman each morning she greets,
With a cry "Me and big Aggie
Wants a look at the Posting Sheet".

Yes, we'll miss all the faces familiar,
The faces we know so well,
Goodbye to the chemists and foremen,
To the latter, the soldiers' farewell.

Farewell to Charlie White and his whistle,
That chased us right oot, on the dot.
Nor will Bill, and his half hour of sunshine,
By us, be readily forgot.

So in future, when clear of this rammy,
A childish voice asks one of you,
"What did you do in the war Mammy"
You can say, "Well, I worked on Shift 2."

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- Richard Edkins.


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